Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flowers I made for a Flower Swap

These are some of the flowers I made for a flower swap I am in for April. Had a ton of fun making these, too!! I could make these all day long!
The requirement for the swap was you had to swap at least 20 flowers and 5 of them had to be handmade, the rest could be store bought. I think this will qualify!

Here's a few more....really liking the fancy ones! Thanks for all your ideas Fiona!!!
(I watch ALOT of YT videos to get ideas of what's out there. Jennings644 YT has got some of the BEST flower/craft videos yet! I think she has made 1500+ videos, make sure you check her out! The fancier flowers are from her inspirations and teachings)

A few more....The smaller ones started out as a mistake....or so I thought but I actually like them now, more original!
All are handmade by me!
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