Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busy, Busy, BUSY!!!!!

Here's a few items I have been working on. This is the before....

This is some of the teacup/pincushions I have finished.
Aren't they so pretty???
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Ta Da!!! Pincushions

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Fancy Pincushions Finished!

I had a great time making these!! I think they turned out adorable!
The stickpins are absolutely addictive! The more I made the more I wanted to make!
You will definitely be seeing more of them!!

Warning!! Photo heavy blog posting!!
Hope you enjoy these! Comments appreciated.

A blue one....

How about a high heel or two????
This shape was a bit more challenging in order to make it look right.

A side view.

A brown one....

A cranberry one....


Another high heel with a bit of bling on it....

I know these are boys shoes but I just couldn't resist!! Aren't they cute???!!!!


Close up of some of the stick pins......

Blue one....

Pink favorite!!!

White one....

Another pink one....

Another high heel....

Same heel with a side view...
(Told you there were a lot of photos!!)

Another pink one and another fave!!!
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flower Swap Basket of Goodies

This is the basket of goodies I received from Archana in the Lil Scrap of Heaven Flower Swap.
She did a beautiful job!!

Isn't this just the sweetest little basket???? I love how Archana altered it with the lace and pearls and PINK! one of my very favorite colors!!!

Here's a wide shot of all that she had in that cute basket.
Aren't these lovely?? I can't wait to use them in a new layout!

Some closeups. I love the pink lacy one and I really, really like the green one on the bottom right with the stick pin. It looks so vintage.

Ooohhh!!! Just look at the blue lacy one and the blue lollipop one with the feather and the yellow lollipop and the other blue ones and the stick pins!!!! Which one do I start with?????

........the red one the black and white polka dot (I'd LOVE to find this ribbon!), and the chipboard ones are kinda cool. Going to have to find something cool to use those on soon.

.....and the beautiful paper coral roses (Archana I wish I could make roses like this! they are gorgeous and the perfect size), there's that pink lacy one and awesome vintage green one again!

Thank you so much, Archana!!! They are all so beautiful! I hope to make a layout soon so I can use a couple of these on it. I hope we get to be partners in a swap again soon!
Hugs to you!!!!
If you get a chance go check out Archana's blog, and leave her some love.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great day!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I can do a reveal!!!

FLOWERS I GAVE IN THE SWAP TO ARCHANA, SSSOOO glad she liked everything!!!
Thank you so much Archana for doing a video as you are seeing these for the first time, that was the best present of all for me!!! I get to see my work in someone's

make sure you check out her video of the basket as she unpacks it all.

Hugs to you Archana!!!

The remaining items for the Flower Basket Swap

These are the rest of the flowers I made for the Flower Basket Swap being held over at Lil Scrap of Heaven.
I had to stop making flowers for a bit so I could get my basket put together and ready to mail or it might never get mailed. I had SSSOOO much fun making these!!! I sure hope my swap partner, Archana likes these!! I will definitely be making more flowers!!

Pearl flowers

fancy Pink ones

fancy Blue ones

fancy Red ones with black polka dots

fancy White ones with black polka dots

fancy Yellow and cream ones

Altered wine glass pin cushion and stick pins

The fancy altered basket

Closeup of the handle

closeup of the inside and pearl trimmed edge

The basket all full of flower goodiness!!!

View from the other side. I also tossed in a few more surprise goodies that I hope Archana will like. Be sure and go to her blog and You Tube  to see her comments and watch her unveil this!!!
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Flowers I made for a Flower Swap

These are some of the flowers I made for a flower swap I am in for April. Had a ton of fun making these, too!! I could make these all day long!
The requirement for the swap was you had to swap at least 20 flowers and 5 of them had to be handmade, the rest could be store bought. I think this will qualify!

Here's a few more....really liking the fancy ones! Thanks for all your ideas Fiona!!!
(I watch ALOT of YT videos to get ideas of what's out there. Jennings644 YT has got some of the BEST flower/craft videos yet! I think she has made 1500+ videos, make sure you check her out! The fancier flowers are from her inspirations and teachings)

A few more....The smaller ones started out as a mistake....or so I thought but I actually like them now, more original!
All are handmade by me!
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