Friday, March 30, 2012

Shadow Box/Display Cabinet -- Phase 3

This is the next overall view with all the goodies added. I will be showing you closeups in the next post.

This is Box 1 and 2. The frame in box 1 is popped out away from the background to give more dimension.
Just love this little knob. It's actually a light peach color in real life and goes perfectly with the papers.

Boxes 3 and 4. I added a dimensional butterfly to box 3, and then in box 4 I cut out the roses with decorative scissors ink distressed the edges of it. Actually in most of the top layers I ink distressed the papers with Tim Holtz's Aged Paper Distress Ink. The little bottle of wine in front I found while out shopping this weekend and it is a small item that helps to represent one of the things my friend and I both enjoy.

This is box 5 and this little bottle is one I picked up this weekend as well. The photo in the corner is part of my "borrowed relatives" collection. Aren't they a happy couple??

Box 6 has got my friend's initial (another shopping find) and in the top corner is a glass magnet I have had stashed for a while waiting for the perfect thing to use it on. Above you can see the little knob again.

 Box 7, I put this key (I LOVE keys!!!) w/ribbon and hung it from a little bulletin board pin, and another pic from my "borrowed relatives".

Box 8--I have this little bench popped out away from the base paper again, added 3 tiny little butterflies...I am thinking of adding another picture or something to the left side of the bench, I don't like it bare in the left corner. Maybe I will move it all the way left and then add something to the right side instead. Not sure yet.

Box 9, I found this little potted plant all by its lonesome this past weekend and picked it up knowing it would be used somewhere for something good. Fits perfectly in this little box. Added a tiny doily under it and now it has a perfect little home. To the bottom right is another one of the glass magnets from my stash (notice it is a wine bottle opener??)

Box 10, I had this mirrored butterfly in my stash and thought the corner looked better with it in there so I added it and again another "borrowed relative" on the right side.
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