Friday, March 30, 2012

Shadow Box/Display Cabinet Closeups

Boxes 1 and 2
My "Borrowed Relatives"

Boxes 3 and 4
The butterfly I had in my stash already, the bottle of wine and wine glass I found on one of my recent shopping trips.

Box 5
 "Borrowed Relative" photo, a little blue bottle from a recent shopping trip, and a key from my stash.

Box 6
The little peach knob at the top of this box and the letter "L" is from a recent shopping trip and the glass magnet is from my stash.

Box 7
Another "Borrowed Relative" and a key from my stash (I LOVE keys!)

Box 8
These are some tiny butterflies I had in my stash.

Box 9
I found this little doily and a lonely little basket of greenery on a recent shopping trip. I added the tiny butterfly to the basket handle. 

Box 10
Another "Borrowed Relative" and the mirrored butterfly are from my stash, as well as the glass magnet in the bottom left of the picture.

Also, I am very happy to report that my friend LOVED this!!! YAY!!!! I am SSSOOO happy!!!
This was a true win-win!!

Be sure and check back, I have been working on some more items and will be posting them throughout the week. Lots and LOTS of goodies for you to feast your eyes upon!!!
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