Sunday, January 22, 2012

Don't Shoot Me!!!

Okay, don't shoot me! I have had a few people wondering when I was going to get more posts on here.
I have a few things in the works so just be patient. I will tell you that I am going to be posting a few cards here to hopefully give you some inspiration but I have to warn you they are not completely finished. I stamp mostly in assembly line fashion. Meaning I do all the rubberstamping of images first, whether that be the same image or different, then I do the coloring by varying methods depending on what strikes my fancy at the time, then I do the embellishing and putting on the finishing touches.
SO, with all that being said most of what you are going to see in the card postings are going to be the stamped and colored images but probably no ribbons, etc. for finishing touches. Go ahead and leave me a comment and soon I will be showing you some other completed projects I have been working on. Thanks for understanding and not saying, "Gee, that card sure is bare" even though you want to!!! LOL!!!
Oh! and I will gladly take suggestions or ideas on how you would finish these cards.

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